About FurnishedApartments.io

This website collects links to other websites where people can find furnished rental apartments.

It's difficult to find furnished rentals abroad, because most of them are listed on local websites, and many of those websites are in the local language.

So in February 2020 I made a public spreadsheet where people could submit links to such websites. I also added a couple dozen of them myself.

It got a nice reception on Twitter and also in /r/expats:

And the spreadsheet ended up collecting over 50 links, for 25 different countries:

And now, in January 2021 as I'm writing this, I finally made a proper website out of the spreadsheet so that it's easier to navigate on mobile and find on Google.

I hope it's useful to you! And if you know any websites in your country that are not listed, please submit them here.

– Martti

PS. You can send me feedback also via Twitter if you want: @codeclown

Update 2020-02-24:

The new website got a nice reception over at /r/expats as well, which I'm very happy about:

At the time of writing we're up to 81 websites from a total of 28 countries!

I would love to see more countries added, but I'm trying not to add listings based on my own googling, because the best website tips come from locals who know and have used those sites. So, please submit any links to me even if, or especially if, your country is not yet listed!

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